The Sleep Observation Scale

Want to know if the person who snores next to you at night has a sleep disorder? The sleep observation scale can help. Click on the document below, and respond as honestly as possible. This might help lead you and the person you love getting a better night’s rest.

In order to complete the sleep observation, you’ll need to know the facts on your sleep partner—if they twitch and kick often during sleep, whether they have pauses in breathing, and if they often gasp for air. If you know these things, click on the sleep observation today. You’ll find it here:

Chart Key:

Number Frequency
0 Never.
1 Infrequently, one night per week
2 Frequently, two-three nights per week.
3 Most of the time, four or more nights per week.
Sleeping Behavior Frequency
Loud, irritating, disruptive snoring
Falling asleep at inappropriate times (in class, when driving, at work)
Snoring that causes need for separate bedrooms
Twitching and kicking
Pauses in breathing
Sudden gasping and choking for air