The Sleepiness Scale: How Likely Are You To Doze?

What is the sleepiness scale?

The sleepiness scale could help you identify whether or not you have a sleep disorder.

If you ask anyone, they might claim to feel fatigued at some point during the day, but to find out if your daytime tiredness might be due to an undiagnosed sleeping disorder, consult the sleepiness scale. If you discover you have a high to moderate chance, you might have a sleeping disorder that can be treated. Click the sleepiness scale to find out:

Chart Key:

Number Likeliness to Doze Off
0 Not likely to doze
1 Slight chance
2 Moderate chance
3 High chance
Situation Likeliness to Doze 0-4
Sitting and reading
Sitting in a public place (like a theater or classroom)
Riding in a car as a passenger for an hour, uninterrupted
Lying down in the afternoon
Watching TV
Sitting and having a conversation
Sitting after an alcohol-free lunch
In a car, stopped in traffic for a few minutes